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Artistic Garden Image Award

Established in 2010 and first awarded in 2011, images in this category should include all or part of a daylily bloom. This category may include, but is not limited to: images of bloom segments or parts of a bloom, profile shots of a bloom or blooms, garden art, garden critters and images taken around the garden.

2017 Artistic Image Award
Vicki Goedde for her image of 'Parfai.

2016 Artistic Image Award
Ginny Pearce • Region 2
 'Big Red Wagon' with tree frog (Stamile, 2008)

Debra Scott, Daylily Flower Heart, 2015 winning image

OrangutanJohn Stahl, 2014 winning image.  Cultivar: 'Orangutan'

2017 Vicki Goedde for her image of Parfait.  
2016 Ginny Pearce, 'Big Red Wagon' with tree frog (Stamile, 2008) 2
2015 Debra Scott, Daylily Flower Heart 9
2014 John Stahl, hover fly on a bud of' Orangutan' 4
2013 Marianne Joordens 4
2012 Debbie Monbeck, for an image of daylilies in an umbrella. 10
2011 Holly Wilson, for an image including 'Simply Pretty' (Sellers'78) and a lizard. 15


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