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Registration Fee Changes,
effective November 1, 2012

The AHS Board has recently passed a motion for services related to Registration fees which will take effect November 1, 2012. Please read carefully through the motion below.

These changes have arisen in great part because the Registrar has been placed under increased pressure to provide more services in less time, with little respect for the cumulative effect of multiple requests. These fees allow registrants to realize that special services require extra processing time and to determine how important it really is to receive these special services.

If you have further questions, please contact either Registration Chair, Rebecca Board, ( or AHS President Julie Covington (

(Passed by AHS Board on October 13, 2012)

Expedited Processing:

The AHS processes applications for name reservations or cultivar registrations within 30 days for the current registration year. Expedited processing will review the application in 7 days, subject to acceptance by the Registrar based on the current workload.

$10 per application *

Follow-up for Incomplete Registrations:

An application is not complete until the name reservation or cultivar registration application form has been fully filled out and submitted, the fee has been paid, and the image received. Applicants who fail to provide all three in a timely manner (one calendar week ) will be charged for the great increase in processing time entailed by repeatedly requesting information and tracking partial submissions.

$5 per application *

Advance Registrations:

Normally, applications received prior to November 1st are dated and published for the current year. Applications received after November 1st are dated and published for the following year. This service will serve applicants who wish to submit applications prior to November 1st but wish them to be dated for the following registration year. This may be desired when catalogs for next year's introductions are printed early.

$5 per application *

* does not mean a batch of applications but per submitted name request form

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