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AHS Announcements
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On November 10, 2012, the AHS Board voted to approve an action item amending Registration fees as follows, to take effect January 1, 2013.

New Registration $15.00


Reserved Name Application fee
reserved period increases from two to three years
$6.00 /2 $10.00/3
Registration Revision fee
Changes made at the discretion of the Registrar
$6.00 $10.00

Registration fees have remained level since 1996, a period of sixteen years.

Raising fees will help to cover direct and indirect expenses associated with registration such as processing and mailing registrations, labor, printing, and maintaining the online database.  

If you have questions, please feel free to contact AHS President Julie Covington, president@daylilies.org or Registration chair Rebecca Board registrationchair@daylilies.org

The AHS Board has approved the following changes to the Photography and Video Awards which will took effect for the 2012 Contest. Changes are in bold face.

The AHS Awards and Honors Committee administer this program. The awards are presented each year at the AHS National Convention. Rules applying to all awards are as follows:

  • All entrants must be AHS members.
  • An entrant may submit only five (5) digital images, photos or slides in each award category unless specially noted otherwise. Digital images are the preferred method.
  • Each entry may be submitted in only one category.
  • Only registered cultivars are allowed.
  • All entries are to be sent to the Chair of the Photography Sub-Committee.
  • No borders or texts should be used on images. When possible, remove any distracting items such as metal plant tags before taking the picture.
  • The deadline for submission is November 1, and it is determined by the date on the E-Mail or mailing container.
  • No entrant may win the award in any contest more than three times within a five-year period.
  •  The winning entrant may keep all awards.
  • A panel of three judges evaluates all entries. Of these, at least two must be members of AHS. Any nonmember who serves as a judge shall have an extensive knowledge of photography or cinematography. Judges are selected by the AHS Awards and Honors Committee and may not be entrants in the competition.
  • All digital images must be in .jpg format only.  Full size images as photographed are preferred. Only reduce images if they exceed the below E-Mail limits.  
  • Individual image size must not exceed 1 MB.

Listing Hemerocallis fulva as an invasive species.

Several state and agency publications and websites currently list Hemerocallis fulva as an invasive species. Due to its long life span and use in erosion control, H. fulva is often found near old home sites and along drainage ditches. The same properties that allow it to flourish in these settings with no care can also allow it to be considered invasive in certain settings where its slowly spreading habit might displace some native plants over time.

Get the full AHS Press Announcement on Hemerocallis Fulva as an invasive species.

HERE in pdf format.

© Copyright 2012 by the American Hemerocallis Society, Inc.
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