The 1997 winner of the Lenington All-American Awardvoted annually by the AHS Board of Directors for a daylily that performs well over a wide geographic areais SMOKY MOUNTAIN AUTUMN (Guidry 1986).

SMOKY MOUNTAIN AUTUMN (Guidry 1986) is a rose blend with a rose lavender halo and an olive green throat.

Height: 18"; Flower Size: 5 3/4"; Flower Characteristics: diploid, diurnal, fragrant; Season of Bloom: early, reblooms; Foliage habit: dormant. Parents: Unknown.
Awards: Honorable Mention 1989; Award of Merit 1992; L. Ernest Plouf Award 1990; Lenington All-American Award 1997.

Smoky Mountain Autumn Daylily

Photograph by Binion Amerson, Nikon F3, Kodachrome 64

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