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American Hemerocallis Society

The Daylily Journal is the quarterly publication of the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). A subscription to The Daylily Journal is included with each AHS membership.

Editorial Copy

The Daylily Journal welcomes unsolicited contributions of proposals, manuscripts, and photos. No remunerative contracts are offered. Copy may be submitted on computer diskette in either IBM or Macintosh format. The editor's office uses Macintosh, but can translate most IBM files. Please supplement with hard copy and note the wordprocessing program used. Otherwise, typed manuscript suitable for scanning (not script) is preferred. Legible handwritten copy is also accepted. Before submitting longer manuscripts, contact the editor's office:
Leslie A. Fischer,
P.O. Box 847
Harvard, Illinois 60033

(312) 372-7878

Advertising Information

For information about advertising in The Daylily Journal, contact the editor at the above address. Advertising copy should be mailed before published deadline dates.

Deadlines for Journal Copy

Spring Journal--December 1 (release date, February 10)
Summer Journal--March 1 (release date, May 10)
Fall Journal--June 1 (release date, August 10)
Winter Journal--September 1 (release date, November 10)


The opinions expressed by contributors to The Daylily Journal are solely those of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the members of the board of directors, or the American Hemerocallis Society, Inc. (AHS). The AHS publishes paid advertisements as a service to its members, but cannot be responsible for the quality of plants, services, or supplies received, nor for expressed or implied guarantees.

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