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As an educational service, the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) publishes the Daylily Journal and a number of books, guidelines, check lists, and other items at or near cost.

New for 1999!

An Illustrated Guide to Daylilies

This new AHS publication is an excellent source of information for all daylily growers. Greatly expanded from Daylilies: the Beginner's Handbook, which it replaces. This 112-page book contains many more color photos and illustrations and enhances the text that clearly explains what growing daylilies is all about. Many additional sections have been added to address unusual forms, polytepals, labeling, landscaping with daylilies, daylily flower arrangements, general care and pests and diseases. Much more detailed than the FAQ found here, this book will answer most of your questions about this great perennial. Also included is an original poem written by AHS member, Rod McKuen, entitled Daylily Blossoms.


Cost: $8.00

Daylilies- A Fifty-Year Affair.GIF

DayliliesA Fifty Year Affair

The AHS in 1996 was 50 years old. In commemeration and celebration of fifty years, this book is 164 pages; 8-1/2 x 11" hardback. There are 114 color photos and 76 black and white "people" pictures. All the Stout medal winners are in color, and there is a color section featuring 62 new daylilies representing the work of 30 hybridizers. This is a history of our society and its advances and achievement over the past fifty years.


Cost $29.95



Judging Daylilies Cover

Judging Daylilies

The New Judging Daylilies Handbook. This AHS publication presents essential new information for daylily show personnel and judges. This new version is 40% larger than previous editions. Three-hole-punched filler pages (6-1/2 inches x 9-1/4 inches) replace the existing edition. (Note: Page size does not fit standard notebooks.)

1 set filler pages $12.50.
1 set filler pages plus notebook $18.00.






Daylilies: The Beginner's Handbook

This AHS publication is an excellent source of information for all daylily growers. This 80-page book contains color photos and illustrations and text that clearly explains what growing daylilies is all about. Much more detailed than the FAQ found here, this book will answer most of your questions about this great perennial. Also included is an original poem written especially for this publication by AHS member, Rod McKuen, entitled Daylily Blossoms.

This publication is out of print and supplies are limited to existing stock. An Illustrated Guide to Daylilies (above) is its replacement.

The cost is only $6.00 while supplies last.




Additional AHS "Mini-Book" Publications:

  • AHS Color Brochure. New Design. (promotional packet of 100) $7.50
  • AHS Good Humor Book (mixed authors) $3.00
  • Art of Hybridizing by O. Whatley $3.00
  • Best From the 1994 Newsletters: Award-Winning Articles Selected From the American Hemerocallis Society Regional Newsletters, Volume 1 (mixed authors) $5.00
  • Best From the 1995 Newsletters: Award-Winning Articles Selected From the American Hemerocallis Society Regional Newsletters, Volume 2 (mixed authors) $5.00
  • The Elusive Blue Daylily by M. Kasha $3.00
  • Growing Ideas by M. Smith $3.00
  • Landscaping with Daylilies (mixed authors) $3.00
  • Polytepalism/Variegated Foliage by E. Grovenstein--Q & A $3.00
  • Rapid Vegetative Propagation of Daylilies (mixed authors) $3.00
  • Seeds (mixed authors) $3.00
  • Some Basic Hemerocallis Genetics by J. Norton $3.00

All AHS publications mentioned above may be ordered from:

Bill Reinke
Chairman AHS Non-Current Publications, Department WWW
3223 Gum Flat Road
Bells,TN 38006

Please make all checks payable to the American Hemerocallis Society. U.S. orders are postage paid. International orders are welcome, but please remit U.S. funds and include additional postage to cover shipping.

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Other Daylily Publications

In addition to the American Hemerocallis Society publications listed on this AHS WWW site, the following independently published books and other publications may be of interest to the reader.

Newly published! Due in September of 1998:


This guide covers the species of the genus Hemerocallis and includes contributions from American growers both in the northern and the southern states. It stresses the remarkable recent cultivars that have become so popular and covers spider, dwarf, and miniature forms suitable for smaller gardens. Like he other volumes in the series, this book combines a practical approach with an attractive presentation.

The Gardener's Guide to Growing Daylilies, by Diana Grenfell, 160 pages, 74 color photographs, 5 line drawings, 7 x 9 1/2", hardcover, 0-88192-461-X, ©1998

A Passion for DayliliesThe Flowers and The People

A Passion for DayliliesThe Flowers and The People, Sydney Eddison, 1992. Harper-Collins, 10 E. 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299. 255 pp. Hardbound $22.00.

This book presents a history of beautiful modern daylilies as told through the people who created them.


Daylilies, A. B. Stout 1986. Originally printed by Macmillan in 1934. Update is 173 pp., 7 x 9 1/2. Timber Press, 9999 S.W. Wilshire, Portland, OR 97225. Hardbound $29.00.

This is the classic treatment of the daylily. Included is a history of the evolution of daylilies, containing descriptions and colored pictures of species, varieties, and many of the earliest cultivars. Also included is some cultural information.

Daylilies: The Perfect Perennial

Daylilies: The Perfect Perennial, Lewis and Nancy Hill, 1991. Story Communications, Inc., Schoolhouse Road, Pownal, VT 05261. 204 pp 7 1/4 x 9 1/4, 65 color photos, line drawings. Hardbound $24.95, Softbound $14.95. ISBN 0-88266-651-7.

This book, which is especially useful to the beginner, presents advice on selecting daylily cultivars, designing plantings, and propagation and cultural requirements. For the more experienced grower, it lists over 200 of the most popular daylily types, including dwarf, double, early- and late-flowering, fragrant, and ruffled daylilies. It presents a directory of daylily breeders, daylily mail-order nurseries, and daylily clubs. It contains some 65 color photographs and 25 drawings of daylilies and daylily gardens.


Daylilies. Norman S. Track; Hawkeye: Toronto, Canada. 1997. 8" x 11", 96 pp., 60 plus colour photos, hardbound. $25.00 ISBN 0-9681703-0-7 Order from Christie & Christie by e-mail: or by telephone: toll-free in N America 1-800-263-1991.

A wonderful book of daylily photographs, thoughtful prose and textual observations. An exciting "fine art" book that documents the beautiful colors, forms and patterns of daylilies under many lighting conditions. As such it's not so much a reference book as a 'coffee table' book.

Daylily Encyclopedia

Daylily Encyclopedia, Steve Webber, editor, 1988. Webber Gardens, 9788 Church Neck Road, Machipongo, VA 23405. 168 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Softbound $13.95 + $2 postage.

This is an excellent book containing much information about daylily cultivars, bloom sequence, miniatures, awards, and a list of the names and descriptions of some 1,000 daylily cultivars.

Eureka! Daylily Reference Guide1998

Eureka! Daylily Reference Guide1998, Ken and Kay Gregory. 1998. 408 pp., color photos. Ken and Kay Gregory, 5586 Quail Creek Drive, Granite Falls, NC 28630-9538., Spiral Bound, $25.95 +$3.40 Shipping and Handling.

This popular annual publicationnow in its eigthth editionpresents a comprehensive daylily market guide from 96 growers. Daylilies are listed alphabetically with hybridizer, year of registration, color, size, price, and much more.

Growing Daylilies

Growing Daylilies, Graeme Grosvenor, 19xx, 64 pp., 100 color illustrations. Kangaroo Press, Australia. Softbound $12.95.

This helpful book presents information on daylily culture in warmer climates. It especially presents instructions on planting, growing, and maintaining daylilies.

Hemerocallis: The Daylily

Hemerocallis: The Daylily, R. W. Munson, Jr., 1989. Timber Press, 9999 S.W. Wilshire, Portland, OR 97225. 160 pp., 8 1//2 x 11, 328 color photos. Hardbound $29.95..

This book is an excellent addition to your library because of its beautiful colored pictures and important information. There are special sections on daylily breeding, history, judging, and awards. The book contains descriptions and illustrations of many daylily cultivars--especially evergreen daylilies.


HemerocallisDaylilies, Walter Erhardt, 19xx. 196 pp. 6 1/4 x 8 1/4. 39 color photos and 40 line drawings. Verlag Eugen Ulmer, Postfack 70 05061, 7000 Stuttgart 70, West Germany. Softbound $29.95.

This book describes the history of the daylily and its cultivation along with many uses for the daylilies in your garden.

* The 1999 Daylily Calendar *

The 1999 Daylily Calendar, Sandstone Gardens, 1999. 8 x 10. Sandstone Gardens, 1861 Pinewood Trail, Suamico, WI 54173 Phone (920) 434-5958. Calendars are $13.00 which includes shipping. Quantity discounts available.

This calendar presents photographs of daylilies, plus daylily growing tips and important regional and national AHS meeting dates.

Contact: Leo Bordeleau & Phil Korth, Sandstone Gardens

The Delightful Delicious Daylily

The Delightful Delicious Daylily, Peter Gail, 1989. 46 pp., 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Goosefoot Acres Press, P.O. Box 18016, Cleveland, OH 44118. Softbound spiral $6.50.

This recipe book contains 24 recipes using edible parts of the daylily.

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