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1996 Daylily Awards

The American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) is pleased to present the 1996 award-winning daylilies as approved by the AHS Board of Directors on October 26, 1996. These award-winners will be further detailed in the Daylily Journal. Photographs will be added as they are obtained.

1996 Stout Silver Medal, Best Cultivar
WEDDING BAND (Stamile, P. 1987)

1996 Lenington All-American Award, Best Performer Over Wide Geographic Area
KATE CARPENTER (Munson 1980)

1996 Donn Fischer Memorial Award, Best Miniature
AFTER THE FALL (Kirchhoff, D. 1981)

1996 Annie T. Giles Award, Best Small Flower
CUSTARD CANDY (Stamile, P. 1989)

1996 Ida Munson Award, Best Double
VANILLA FLUFF (Joiner, E. 1988)

1996 Harris Olson Spider Award, Best Spider or Variant
GREEN WIDOW (Temple, J. 1980)

1996 Don C. Stevens Award, Best Eyed Cultivar

1996 Eugene Foster Award, Best Late-Blooming Cultivar
No Award given in 1996.

1996 L. Ernest Plouf Award, Best Dormant and Fragrant Cultivar
FROSTED PINK ICE (Stamile, P. 1987)

1996 President's Cup Winner, Best Clump at Convention

NAOMI RUTH (Taylor, G. 1972) 1996 Florida Sunshine Cup, Best Small or Miniature Clump at Convention

1996 Award of Merit Winners

1996 Honorable Mention Winners

1996 Junior Citation Winners

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