Popularity Poll Ballot for 2018

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As a service to its members and to the general public, each year the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) conducts a popularity poll among its members to determine the favorite daylilies from each region. It is the hope of the AHS that this Popularity Poll presents a true picture of which daylilies perform well in a given area and which are best liked by the membership. Popularity polls are important to daylily growers -- both AHS members and nonmembers -- who make daylily selections for purchase.

Voting Requirements:

  • All AHS members are eligible to vote and should participate.
  • Vote for up to, but no more than ten (10) cultivars. Note: a valid ballot may consist of only one vote.
  • For Dual Memberships, the second member should use another copy of the ballot unless their regional ballot provides a second column for votes.
  • Price need not be considered. (This means that while you can vote for expensive plants if you want to, but you are also encouraged to vote for inexpensive older varieties if they are your personal favorite.)
  • Select your favorite registered, well established cultivars (no seedlings) which you have observed in your garden or immediate area.
  • Mail or email your choices to your regional tabulator. If your region includes a form on your regional website, you may use that also.
  • All AHS members may also mail their choices to their regional Pop Poll Tabulator.
  • Whichever submission method you choose, please submit your ballot only once.
Postmark deadline is SEPTEMBER 1st, 2018.

Group Voting

The AHS Board of Directors approved this statement to clarify the AHS policy regarding clubs and family groups that fill out their ballots at the same time and some special case memberships which cannot vote.

The Popularity Poll is intended to be an individual's own personal vote for the member's favorite daylilies. Independent voting ensures each member's vote will carry equal weight in choosing the Region's most popular daylilies. Group voting and other activities which influence the poll's outcome are not allowed and may result in those ballots not being counted. Each individual member may vote one ballot regardless of the memberships held and the voting habits of their dual members. Clubs, corporations, and institutions shall not vote, nor shall they be included when determining participation.

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