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Extra Large Diameter Award
Extra Large Diameter Award - Established in 2005 to recognize outstanding extra large flower diameters. To be eligible, a cultivar must be registered as 7 inches or larger, and have been registered a minimum of five years prior to balloting. Cultivars that are registered as spiders or unusual forms will not be eligible. Garden Judges must vote only for cultivars observed in their own region or in AHS National Convention tour gardens. The winner shall be the cultivar receiving the most votes of the garden judges. The hybridizer receives a bronze medal.

2015 Extra Large Diameter Award Winner 'Megatron'  (Jamie Gossard)
Photo: Julie Covington

 2015 Extra Large Diameter Award, 77 Votes

'Megatron' (Gossard, J.)
  Runner up: 'Boundless Beauty' (Stamile, P.)  75 votes

  Photo: Julie Covington
, used with permission.

 2014 Extra Large Diameter Award, 121 Votes

'Heavenly United We Stand' (Gossard, J.)
  Runner up: 'Boundless Beauty' (Stamile, P. )  57 votes

  Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.

Neon Flamingo

 2013 Extra Large Diameter Award, 98 Votes

'Neon Flamingo' (Gossard, J.)
  Runner up: 'Boundless Beauty' (Stamile, P. )  82 votes

  Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.

Entwined In the Vine

2012 Extra Large Diameter Award, 100 Votes

'Entwined In the Vine' (Emmerich, K.)
Runner up: 'Megatron' J. Gossard, 61votes

Photo: Tim Fehr, used with permission.

Judy Far

2011 Extra Large Diameter Award, 88 Votes

'Judy Farquhar' (Stamile, P.)
Runner up: 'Jackie Bachman' Bachman 54 votes

Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.

Carnival in Mexico

2010 Extra Large Diameter Award, 99 Votes

'Carnival In Mexico' (Santa Lucia)
Runner up: 'Wispy Rays' Joiner 94 votes

Photo: Lynn Thor,, used with permission.


2009 Extra Large Diameter Award, 122 Votes

'Persian Ruby' (Trimmer-D.)
Runner up: 'Wispy Rays' Joiner, 70 votes

Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.

Julie Newmar

2008 Extra Large Diameter Award, 135 Votes

'Julie Newmar' (Morss)
Runner up: PERSIAN RUBY 98 votes

Photo: Dave Mussar, used with permission.

Darla Nita

2007 Extra Large Diameter Award, 133 Votes

'Darla Anita' (Kinnebrew, J.)
Runner up: PERSIAN RUBY 129 votes

Photo: Julie Covington, used with permission.

no image

2006 Extra Large Diameter Award, 105 Votes

'All American Chief' (Sellers)
Runner up: DARLA ANITA 81 votes

Photo: Ann Redmon, used with permission.


2005 Extra Large Diameter Award, 74 Votes

'Solar Music' (Whatley, O.)
Runner up: LAKE EFFECT 66 votes

Photo: Christine Peterson, used with permission.

2014 'Megatron' Gossard, J.
2014 'Heavenly United We Stand' Gossard, J.
2013 'Neon Flamingo' Gossard, J.
2012 'Entwined In the Vine Emmerich
2011 'Judy Farquhar' Stamile, P.
2010 'Carnival In Mexicon' Santa Lucia
2009 'Persian Ruby' Trimmer, D.
2008 'Julie Newmar' Morss
2007 'Darla Anita' Kinnebrew, J.
2006 'All American Chief' Sellers
2005 'Solar Music' Whatley, O.
© Copyright 1995-2015 by the American Hemerocallis Society, Inc.
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