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Junior Citations - 2017

This award was established in 1950 to focus attention on new cultivars that appear to have outstanding qualities and distinction. It should be understood that this award does not necessarily imply good performance in various climates and soil types. In order to win, a cultivar may not have been registered prior to September 1 of the voting year. Garden Judges must cast their votes only for cultivars personally observed growing in a garden. Votes are cast using a seedling number. It must receive a minimum of 10 votes. Once a Junior Citation has been voted, the hybridizer has one of two options: 1) to take the award for the current year, in which case the cultivar must be registered by November 1st of the current year, or to 2) defer the award for one year in which case registration must take place by September 1st of the following year.

Junior Citations - 2017

Hybridizer Seedling # Official Name Total Votes
Bachman, Dan 08-406 Prisoner of Love 12
Bachman, Dan 08-270 Sharry Long 10
Elliot, Scott SEDSE 14-55 Lone Stranger 12
Herr, Donald 9-384A High Flying Floozy 14
Herr, Donald 9-99A Whistle While You Work 16
Herr, Donald 12-206A Big Buddy 15
Kendig, Stuart 12-16 Pretty in Purple 11
Morss, Mort 4-16 Pleasure Palace 12
Polston, Tom 12-JTP-356-T Ann Bingham 12
Polston, Tom 12-JTP-22-T Killer Teeth 11
Polston, Tom 11-JTP-102-T Tropical Twist 11
Selman, Bob BS 101 Escape to Paradise 10
Selman, Bob BS 102 Dragon Pinwheel 10
Herr, Don 12-190A Defer until 2018 10
Herr, Don 11-148 Defer until 2018 10

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