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Elizabeth Trotter, Registrar
421 Mt. Gilead Road
Georgetown, KY 40324-8936

please call only during business hours, 10am-5pm Eastern

The AHS Registrar does not sell daylilies. If you are interesting in purchasing daylilies, please look on the available source list on this web site, or the ads in The Daylily Journal.


Polymerous Daylilies

Airdrie (Rice-JA, 2009)
Ajure Sunrise (Smith-T.L., 2006)
Always Mystical (Morry, 2013)
Amber's Blush (Patton, 2013)
Ambrosia Sundayhaus (Smith-T.L., 2004)
Ann a Santaniello (Corbeil, 2007)
Aquaman (Morry, 2011)
Arlene Welsh (Kimball, 2011)
As You Wish (Murphy-J.P., 2005)     UFo
Aslan's Mane (King-M., 2001)     UFo
Aunt Nora (Bringe, 2015)
Awaba Sunray (Charman, 2005)
Bachelor's Dream (HolzRichter, 2004)     DOUBLE
Banana Fields (Morri-Conine, 2012)
Bananas in Pajamas (Morri-Conine, 2012)
Banjo Bird (Reed, 2006)
Barabajagal (Haynes, 2015)
Bedford 275 Anniversary (Doorakian, 2004)
Bee's Marcia Rigsby (Downie, 2003)
Benjamin Timothy Forrester (Forrester, 2013)     UFo
Beware the Wizard (Couturier-G., 1995)     SPIDER     DOUBLE
Bluegrass Bubblegum (Burris, 2005)
Bob Daniel (Burris, 2005)     SPIDER
Bob's Angelic Beauty (Roycroft, 2011)
Bohemian Lifestyle (Morry, 2009)
Boitzer Red Diamond Girl (Hohls, 2013)
Boot Scoot'n County San Joaquin (Stoneking-Jones, 2002)     SPIDER
Boozin' Susan (Koehne, 2014)
Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed (Wilkerson, 2009)     UFo
Bring Home the Gold (Polston, 2007)
Bronco Bill (Burkey, 2010)
Butterfield Eight (Reinke-B., 2004)
Calico Poly (Reinke-J., 2009)
Canadian Barnburner (Morry, 2008)
Carolina Flying Poly Possum (Baxter, 2002)
Carolina Octopus (Baxter, 2002)     SPIDER
Carolina Starfish (Baxter, 2012)     UFo
Carson Newman '65 (Rhyne, 2015)     UFo
Castilian Gold (Fleche, 2014)
Centennial Brady William (Crawford, 2003)
Centennial Eight (Crawford, 2003)
Centennial Four Moons (Crawford, 2003)
Centennial Gambler's Dream (Crawford, 1998)
Centennial Gold Dream (Crawford, 2003)
Centennial Purple Drum (Crawford, 2003)
Centennial Square (Crawford, 2003)
Charleston Peachy Petals (Whiteside-Kroemer-Wuersch, 2011)
Cheryl Sellers (Barron-Ra., 2014)
Chesapeake Bay Sunset (Bunting, 2007)     DOUBLE
Chief Forked Deer (Reinke-J., 2015)     UFo
Chief Four Fingers (Roberts-N., 2002)
Chris Fatman Wilson (Glidden, 1976)
Christmas Coming (Reinke-B., 2006)     UFo
Cinnamon Crunch (Lamb-K., 2013)     UFo
Cole's Cantuckee Peach (Cole-D., 2006)
Counter-Terrorist (Baxter, 2006)
Crazy Eights (Cochenour, 2011)
Crazy Horse's Vision (Stoneking-Jones, 2011)
Crazy Mr Jim (Owen-P., 2010)
Crimson Nation (Bringe, 2014)
Cross-stitches (Woelker, 2014)
Curtis S. Noel (Doorakian, 2013)
Delicate One (Reinke-J., 2006)
Dolly Poly (Herr-D., 2013)
Double Dating Poly (Forrester, 2013)     DOUBLE
Double Medusa (Gossard, 2005)     DOUBLE     UFo
Dowis Mama's Best (Stackman-Denham, 2000)
Down Under Jen Wren (Harvey-J.R., 2010)
Dressed in Lace (Scott-E., 2004)
Ecomike (Bringe, 2015)     SPIDER
Eight Days a Week (Sayers, 2004)     DOUBLE
Eight is Great (Wilson-B., 2013)
Eileen J. Trainor (Doorakian, 2015)     DOUBLE     UFo
Emerald Starburst (Doorakian, 2004)
Enchanted Octopus (Morry, 2010)
Extra Addition (Reinke-B., 2004)
Fino (Morri-Conine, 2012)
Five or Four (Agosta, 2009)     UFo
Flash of Javelins (Fleche, 2013)
Flint Hills Show Girl (Walker-G.V., 2005)
For Eternal Purposes Only (Stoneking-Jones, 2011)
Forest for the Sun (Rich) [future, pending publication in 2017]
Forsyth Tepaled Double (Lefever, 1998)
Four by Four (Plaisance, 2008)
Four Diamonds (Roberts-N., 2005)
Four Eyes (Lambertson, 2011)
Four-play (Pansing, 1998)
Fours are Wild (Herr-D., 2011)
Fractured Symmetry (Baxter, 2012)     UFo
Frank Churchill Memorial (Stoneking-Jones, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Friends for Life (Bisschop, 2013)     UFo
Fuchsia Four (Reinke, 1995)
Full of Fours (Love-R., 1999)
Game Changer (Lane-D., 2013)
Gary's Light (Dovel, 2007)
Generation X (Dye-C., 1999)
George Brossard (Rocheleau-M., 2004)     SPIDER
Give Me Eight (Reinke, 1993)
Glenda Warren Jordan (Forrester, 2013)
Gold Starburst (Bawden, 2008)
Golly Poly (Herr-D., 2015)
Good Girls Do (Baxter, 2012)
Got No Goat (Baxter, 2000)
Grape Starburst (Stout-H., 2009)     UFo
Grapefruit Guts (Millhorn, 1998)
Great Sand Dunes National Park (Stoneking-Jones, 2002)     DOUBLE     UFo
Green Ribbons (Herrington-H., 2015)
Green Thing from Outer Space (Morry, 2010)     UFo
Greywoods Dixie Belle (Wilkinson, 2003)
Greywoods Dressage Queen (Wilkinson, 2002)
Gulf Coast Sun Burst (Crainer, 2011)     DOUBLE
Han-lin (Dickerson, 2004)
Heavenly Mellow Yellow (Gossard-D., 2008)     DOUBLE
Heavenly Starfire (Gossard, 2001)     UFo
Heliosphere (Patton, 2006)
Hello Poly (Herr-D., 2015)
Her Poly (Herr-D., 2014)
Herr Green Eyed Poly (Herr-D.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     UFo
Hilda Dean (Alleman, 2007)
Hip to Be Square (Norris-R., 2007)
Hooded Cobra (Mahieu-Burris, 2007)     UFo
How Should I Bloom (Baxter, 2006)     DOUBLE
Hypnotized (Petit, 2005)
I Am Not a Mutant (Baxter, 2006)
I Got Bingo (Paine-Rochester, 2002)
I Have Issues (Baxter, 2005)
Igor F. Palacios, M.D. (Doorakian, 2012)
In Celebration of Life (Baxter, 2011)
Irish Handshake (Roberts-N., 2002)
Irschenberger Labyrinth (Baumgartner, 2010)
Janene's Ghost (Forrester, 2006)     DOUBLE     UFo
Joan Dahl (Doorakian, 2010)
John R. Pike (Doorakian, 2004)     UFo
Jolly Poly (Herr-D., 2010)
Josie Crosby (Reinke-B., 2004)
Julia's Dream (Mercer-R., 1999)     SPIDER
Ka Bloom (Smoulder-T., 2015)
Karen's Blessing (Steele-K., 2013)     UFo
Kate Reed (Doorakian, 2010)
Kay's Southern Elegance (Stoneking-Jones, 2001)
Kazimierz Bartel (Byczynski-Nowak, 2014)
Kearsarge (Conway-C., 2013)
Kimberly Ann Noethe (Forrester, 2013)
Kurt Wyatt Goudey (Forrester, 2008)
Larry Young's Wow (Sayers, 2004)     DOUBLE
Lavender Fascination (Reinke-J., 2008)
Leslie Davy's Century (Wells-L., 2008)
Lillian's Crazy Arms (Manning, 2002)
Linden Fantasy (Waring, 2006)
Lindsay (Morri-Conine, 2014)
Lion of the Senate (Morry, 2009)
Lisa Inez (Glassford, 2004)
Long Distance Voyageur (Morry, 2008)
Lordy Mercy (Olson-E., 2005)
Love and Dazzle (Lamb-K., 2006)     UFo
Mach One (Mauck, 2008)
Mae Katheryn Hogancamp (Forrester, 2012)
Magical Indeed (Petit, 2005)
Magnolia Poly Princess (Lewis-JE., 2003)
Mary Lou Johnson (Kepf, 2004)
Masked Mouse (Morry, 2012)
Mavis Gwendolyn Carter (Mahieu-Burris, 2007)     UFo
Mermaids Splash (MacDonald-L., 2006)     SPIDER
Merry Morgan (Bunting, 2008)
Midnight Rendezvous (Corbett, 2005)
Moana Gloria May (Higgins, 1999)     SPIDER
Mont Royal Spirit (Reinke-J., 2007)     UFo
Monticello Mist (Fearneyhough, 2012)     DOUBLE
Moosa Pa Loosa (Baxter, 2006)     UFo
Moose Man (Mauck, 2008)
Moosie My Love (Baxter, 2003)
More than Four (Woelker, 2012)
Moreau Memories (Lovering, 2010)
Mountain Laurel Sundayhaus (Smith-T.L., 2006)
Mudra (Clover, 1999)     UFo
Multi-Tasking (Rothbauer, 2009)     UFo
Mutant Species (Baxter, 2006)
My Brother Eddie (Patton, 2015)
Mystic Jellyfish (Gossard, 2006)     SPIDER
Nancy Rose (Hiltz, 2011)
Nature's Strawberry Prism (Story, 2011)
Navajo Sand Painting (Bawden, 2006)
Nawsett Wee Willy Memorial (Foley, 2006)
Neptune’s Black Sea (Pikalova, 2012)
Newington (Parker-D.A., 2014)
Nina Worthy (Amerson, 2007)
Nouvelle Vague (Bellemare, 2012)
Octomom (Cochenour, 2009)
Of Olden Days (Woelker, 2015)
Opa Klaus (Waldrop, 2015)     DOUBLE
Osterized (Hite-Davisson, 1999)     UFo
Padmasana (Clover, 2000)
Pancake Platypus (Baxter, 2002)
Papa’s Little Girl (Forrester, 2013)
Parker William Thomas (Shearer, 2014)     DOUBLE
Peachy Poly (Herr-D., 2015)
Peck's Poly (Peck-Reinke, 2000)
Personal Jurisdiction (Clement, 2015)     UFo
Pink Chameleon (Bodalski, 2014)
Pink Ibis (Mahieu-Burris, 2009)
Plein Air Paintbrush (Burris, 2006)     SPIDER
Points of Compass (Wetzel, 2011)
Polar Wind (Kent-J., 2007)
Polly Esther (Davisson-J., 2008)     UFo
Poly B'Golly (Wetzel, 2008)
Poly Cupping Up (Reinke-J., 2006)
Poly Foxing Around (Forrester, 2005)
Poly in a Pear Tree (Forrester, 2013)
Poly Parrot (Morss, 2007)
Poly Put the Kettle On (Herr-D., 2015)
Poly Want a Cracker (Herr-D., 2012)
Poly's Cotton Candy (Forrester, 2013)
Poly's Full Moon (Forrester, 2013)
Polymultipetalicious (Unger-J., 2007)     DOUBLE
Polywog in a Bog (Cochenour, 2012)
Pompous Polly (Lambertson, 2012)     UFo
Portia's Wedding (Morry, 2013)
Pretty Eyed Poly (Reinke-J., 2011)
Pretty Little Polly (Rood-K., 2015)
Princess Polly (Benz-J., 2015)
Purple Fascination (Reinke-J., 2008)
Purple Wallapaloosa (Reinke-B., 2009)     UFo
Quad Quiddity (Wetzel, 2004)
Queen Kathleen (Doorakian, 2002)     SPIDER
Quint Quandary (Wetzel, 2004)
Race Walker (Baxter) [future, pending publication in 2017]
Rambunctious Rosie (Davisson-J., 2009)
Redefining Genetics (Baxter, 2009)     UFo
Reine des Rivières (Bellemare, 2009)
Release Your Inhibitions (Baxter, 2006)     UFo
Remembering Flo Nix (Herrington-K., 2006)     UFo
Resistance is Futile (Baxter, 2000)
Retrosexual (Morry, 2012)     UFo
Richard Burke (Forrester, 2012)
Rio Olympiad (Baxter) [future, pending publication in 2017]
River Wind (Holley-B., 2012)     UFo
Ruth Evelyn Randall (Forrester, 2013)
Sabat Czarownic (Bodalski, 2014)
Sallie Brown (Reinke, 1994)
Scott's Gold (Watson, 2013)
Secret Agent Babe (Baxter, 2006)     UFo
See More Petals (Fern, 2015)
Seeing with the Heart (Ansari, 2014)
Simple Origita (Golob, 2002)
Sing Song Wish Cream (Rochester, 2010)
Spiral Sun (Shooter-E., 2008)     SPIDER
Spring Star (Celichowski, 2014)     UFo
Star Poly (Herr-D., 2009)
Starseeker (Dugas, 2015)
Status Update (Baxter, 2011)
Steven B. Forrester (Forrester, 2013)     DOUBLE
Summon the Shadows (Stoneking-Jones, 2001)
Sun Moon Stars (Morry, 2006)
Sweet Melon (Scott-B.A., 2009)     SPIDER
Sweet Potato Pie (Peterson, 2015)
Swim Bike Run (Baxter, 2011)
Sylvan Surprise Eights (Hite-Hite, 2000)
Take Care (Zolock, 2000)
Take Four (Herr-D.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     UFo
Temporal Anomaly (Bond-M, 2003)
Tennoaks Hamunaptra (Pate-K., 2004)
Teresa A. Mosher (Doorakian, 2015)
The Moose Camped in a Tent on Tuesday (Baxter, 2002)
Tim's Memory (Nicponski, 2011)
Time and Dimension (Baxter, 2011)
Too Many Petals (Baxter, 2002)
Touched by the Master (Forrester, 2013)
Two Hearts, One Love (Fretz, 2013)
Wanna Cracker (Murphy-J.P., 2013)     UFo
Warna (Byczynski, 2007)
Wellesley College (Doorakian, 2015)     DOUBLE     UFo
When Darkness Falls (Morry, 2010)
Which Way Did He Go (Hite-G., 2011)     DOUBLE     UFo
Whiskers on Kittens (Waterman) [future, pending publication in 2017]
Whispers from Heaven (Pavlik, 2011)     UFo
Wicked White Witch (Sayers, 2013)     UFo
Wonder of Julie (Patton, 2013)
Zachary S. Hickey (Doorakian, 2013)
Zastrugi (Hansen-D., 2006)
Zoie Beth (Buttram, 2011)     UFo

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