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Daylilies with Multiple Flower Forms

A Little Twisted (Elliott-S., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Airy Delight (Joiner-J., 2005)     DBL     UFo
Alberene (Murphy-J.P., 2003)     SPIDER     UFo
Amazing Rockets Red Glare (Bushong, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Anais (Elliott-S., 2010)     DBL     UFo
Anthrazoid Border Patrol (Clement, 2015)     DBL     UFo
Aubree's Angel (Otto, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Awesome Butterfly (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Ballad of a Thin Man (Bachman, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Baroque Dancer (Heyer) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Benaiah (Elliott-S., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Beware the Wizard (Couturier-G., 1995)     DBL     POLY     SPIDER
Black Canary (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Black Raven (Gossard, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Blizzard Blast (Gossard, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Bob Daniel (Burris, 2005)     POLY     SPIDER
Bobsicle (Elliott-S.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Bombs Bursting in Air (Betzler, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Bonibrae Green Medusa (Matthie, 2010)     SPIDER     UFo
Boot Scoot'n County San Joaquin (Stoneking-Jones, 2002)     POLY     SPIDER
Boot Scoot’n West Bountiful Utah (Stoneking-Jones, 2012)     SPIDER     UFo
Bourbon and a Fine Cigar (Wolff-D.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     UFo
Bridal Corsage (Forrester, 2012)     DBL     UFo
Bubble Headed Booby (Wolff-D.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     UFo
Cabbage Patch (Gossard-D., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Captain America (Gossard, 2010)     SPIDER     UFo
Carolina Octopus (Baxter, 2002)     POLY     SPIDER
Cat Woman (Franceschi, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Cherry Swizzler (Stamile, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Cinnamon Faces (Sattelmeier, 2014)     DBL     SPIDER     UFo
Circumstantial Evidence (Clement, 2014)     SPIDER     UFo
Clive Smart a Stratford on Avon Lad (Bishop-D., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Crazy Arms (Stamile, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Crepe Escape (Vande, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Curio (Tankesley-Clarke, 2002)     DBL     UFo
Depends on the Whether (Elliott-S., 2014)     DBL     UFo
Double Berry Blitz (Gossard-D.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     UFo
Double Figures (Elliott-S., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Double Medusa (Gossard, 2005)     DBL     POLY     UFo
Double Pursuit (Elliott-S., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Double Rays of Sunshine (Gossard-D., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Double Red Firebird (Gossard-D., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Double Red Whirlwind (Gossard, 2013)     DBL     UFo
Down Under Quilter Chris (Harvey-J.R., 2010)     SPIDER     UFo
Dr Doom (Gossard, 2013)     DBL     SPIDER     UFo
Dr Octopus (Gossard, 2013)     DBL     SPIDER     UFo
Dubbly Wubbly (Mondron, 2007)     DBL     UFo
Ecomike (Bringe, 2015)     POLY     SPIDER
Edge of Insanity (Murphy-J.P., 2014)     DBL     UFo
Eileen J. Trainor (Doorakian, 2015)     DBL     POLY     UFo
El Nino (Reinke, 2000)     DBL     UFo
Emotion Sensor (Michaels, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Fan Flare (Murphy-J.P., 2014)     SPIDER     UFo
Fashion Leader (Joiner-J., 2003)     DBL     UFo
Feminine Fingers (Joiner-J., 2005)     DBL     UFo
Ferhoodled (Herr-D.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     UFo
Finer than a Frog Hair (Wilkerson, 2014)     DBL     UFo
Firefly Frenzy (Joiner-J., 2002)     DBL     UFo
Flaming Chopsticks (Fillmore) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Flamingo Twister (Gossard, 2010)     SPIDER     UFo
Fluttering Beauty (Joiner-J., 1999)     DBL     UFo
Flying Fish (Gossard, 2015)     DBL     UFo
Flying Walloon (Elliott-S., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Four Star (Kropf-Tankesley-Clarke, 1988)     DBL     SPIDER
Frank Churchill Memorial (Stoneking-Jones, 2015)     POLY     SPIDER     UFo
French Fare (Shooter-E., 2014)     SPIDER     UFo
George Brossard (Rocheleau-M., 2004)     POLY     SPIDER
Get Off My Tutu (Mauck, 2009)     DBL     UFo
Ghost Ranger (Elliott-S., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Giant Spider (Gossard, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Giant Teratorn (Gossard, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Give Me Wings (Waterman-P., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Gold Explosion (Gossard, 2013)     DBL     UFo
Golden Epaulets (McEwen-Brooks, 1979)     DBL     UFo
Good Rockin Tonight (Bachman, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Gothic Quills (Waterman-P., 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Great Sand Dunes National Park (Stoneking-Jones, 2002)     DBL     POLY     UFo
Green Python (Gossard, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Green Twister (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Greywoods Dance a Dime (Wilkinson, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Gulf Coast Marionette (Crainer, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Hannah Dreams (Elliott-S., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Happy Golden Pinwheel (Garman) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     UFo
Happy Yellow Pinwheel (Garman) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     UFo
Hawkwoman (Gossard, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Heavenly Double Your Pleasure (Gossard-D., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Heavenly Pink Twister (Gossard, 2007)     SPIDER     UFo
Heavenly Spider Monkey (Gossard, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Heavenly Way Big (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Hold Your Fire (Warrell, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Hug the Sun (Heinzman, 2009)     DBL     UFo
Huntress (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Inez Morgan Echerd (Mauck, 2009)     DBL     UFo
It's All About Bob (Elliott-S., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Janene's Ghost (Forrester, 2006)     DBL     POLY     UFo
Jester (Tankesley-Clarke, 2008)     DBL     UFo
Jokester (Tankesley-Clarke, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Julia's Dream (Mercer-R., 1999)     POLY     SPIDER
Jumpin' Jan (Elliott-S.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Kablooey (Elliott-S., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Karen Pogozalski (Bachman, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Kathleen Donahue (Bachman, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Killer Bees (Elliott-S., 2010)     DBL     UFo
Lakota (Tankesley-Clarke, 2005)     DBL     UFo
Lillie Martin (Smith-Be., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Little Ricky (Cochenour, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Liturgy of the Hours (Clement, 2010)     SPIDER     UFo
Look Up Here (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Lucifer's Curls (Couturier-G., 2001)     DBL     UFo
Lullaby of Birdland (Moldovan-Woodhall, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Ma Petite Chanterelle (Elliott-S.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Magical Explosion (Gossard, 2015)     DBL     SPIDER     UFo
Mama's Egg Pie (Shooter, 2008)     DBL     SPIDER
Marlette Paddle Wheel (Marlette, 2001)     DBL     UFo
Mehta's Child (Reinke-J.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     POLY     SPIDER
Mermaids Splash (MacDonald-L., 2006)     POLY     SPIDER
Michael's Sword (Best, 2005)     DBL     UFo
Mina Sauk Falls (Sherrill-K.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Miss Claude (Elliott-S., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Moana Gloria May (Higgins, 1999)     POLY     SPIDER
Mont Royal Dawning (Reinke-J., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Montana Omelette (Olsen-B.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     UFo
My Friend Michael (Church-J.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
My Red Curly Cue (Burley, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Mystic Jellyfish (Gossard, 2006)     POLY     SPIDER
Mystic Red Dragon (Gossard, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Narrow Path (Stamile, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Nuclear Blast (Gossard, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Over the Waterfall (Mundy, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Peacock King (Rossie, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Perfect in Pink (Elliott-S., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Phantom Warrior (Gossard, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Pixie Daydream (Elliott-S., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Playful Minx (Elliott-S., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Plein Air Paintbrush (Burris, 2006)     POLY     SPIDER
Powerpuff Girls (Gossard, 2013)     DBL     UFo
Prankster (Tankesley-Clarke, 2006)     DBL     UFo
Prettier Sister (Hassler, 2012)     DBL     UFo
Princess Ellen of Dublonia (Elliott-S., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Prodigal (Tankesley-Clarke, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Queen Kathleen (Doorakian, 2002)     POLY     SPIDER
Red Hulk (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Red Scorpion (Gossard, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Rosy Outlook (Joiner-J., 2005)     DBL     UFo
Ruth Gets it Done (Elliott-S.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Sake Bomb (Hansen-D., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Salted Caramel Swirl (Grant-Downton) [future, pending publication in 2017]     SPIDER     UFo
Scarlet Pinwheel (Bushong, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Sebastian on Steroids (Elliott-S., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Sebastian the Crab (Joiner-J., 2003)     DBL     UFo
Seneca Sun Dancer (Rood-T., 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Shadowfire (Elliott-S., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Shadowlight (Elliott-S., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Shanghai Beauty (Plodeck, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Shanghai Girl (Plodeck, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Shawnee Shore (Tankesley-Clarke, 2007)     DBL     UFo
Sisyphus (Elliott-S., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Skeezix (Stamile, 2005)     DBL     UFo
Small World 3-D Snowflake (Miller-M., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Small World Love Potion Number 9 (Miller-M., 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Solar Blast (Gossard, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Solid Gold Spats (Lamb-K., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Spiders from Mars (Fillmore, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Spin and Twirl (Joiner-J., 2008)     DBL     UFo
Spiral Distraction (Elliott-S., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Spiral Sun (Shooter-E., 2008)     POLY     SPIDER
Squidward Tentacles (Gossard, 2013)     DBL     UFo
Star Fruit Parade (Hensley-D., 2014)     DBL     UFo
Star Status (Apps, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Stonehill's Cool Breeze (Haglund, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Stonehill's Ten Points (Haglund, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Stonehill's Top Priority (Haglund, 2012)     SPIDER     UFo
Strubbly (Herr-D., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Stunt Double (Elliott-S., 2010)     DBL     UFo
Sudden Acceleration (Elliott-S., 2010)     DBL     UFo
Supergirl (Gossard, 2011)     SPIDER     UFo
Susan Berger (Bachman, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Susan Heimerdinger (Bachman, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Sweet Melon (Scott-B.A., 2009)     POLY     SPIDER
Take Me to Your Leader (Cochenour, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Test Cultivar 8 (Test Hybridizer 8, 0000)     DBL     POLY     SPIDER
The Star Spangled Banner (Carlson, 2011)     DBL     UFo
The World of Magic (Apps, 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Tickle My Fancy (Joiner-J., 2004)     DBL     UFo
Together at Last (Metzger, 2012)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Arachnophobia (Scott-B., 2011)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Bounty Hunter (Scott-B., 2011)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Checkmate (Scott-B., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Crimson Knight (Scott-B., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Dragon Slayer (Scott-B., 2011)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Dragon's Fire (Scott-B., 2007)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Dragonfly Sunset (Scott-B., 2008)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Dragonmeister (Scott-B., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Exterminator (Scott-B., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Glowing Embers (Scott-B., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Golden Galaxy (Scott-B., 2008)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Gotcha (Scott-B., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Lemon Wiggler (Scott-B., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Lobster Claws (Scott-B., 2007)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Molten Lava (Scott-B., 2006)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Navajo Blanket (Scott-B., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Orange Fizz (Scott-B., 2007)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Scissor Tail (Scott-B., 2015)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Sharon Scott (Scott-B., 2011)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Shock Wave (Scott-B., 2014)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Sunset Tangerine (Scott-B., 2008)     DBL     UFo
Topguns Zuni Sun (Scott-B., 2009)     DBL     UFo
Tornado Chaser (McCutcheon, 2009)     SPIDER     UFo
Touch of Destiny (Reinke-J.) [future, pending publication in 2017]     DBL     POLY     UFo
Trickster (Tankesley-Clarke, 2004)     DBL     UFo
Twisted Tails (Green-S., 2012)     SPIDER     UFo
Virginia Gold (Murphy-J.P., 2014)     DBL     UFo
Viva Glam Girl (Marchant, 2011)     DBL     UFo
Webster's Double Wonder (Webster-Cobb-Gossard, 2013)     DBL     UFo
Wellesley College (Doorakian, 2015)     DBL     POLY     UFo
Westbourne Granny's Bonnet (Meadows-M.J., 2008)     DBL     UFo
Which Way Did He Go (Hite-G., 2011)     DBL     POLY     UFo
Wildman George (Elliott-S., 2010)     DBL     UFo
Wind Charmer (Gossard, 2013)     SPIDER     UFo
Wind Storm (Gossard, 2008)     SPIDER     UFo
Woodlands Baltimore Oriole (Carlson-A., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Woodlands Scarlet Ibis (Carlson-A., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
Woodlands Yellow Warbler (Carlson-A., 2015)     SPIDER     UFo
World Gone Wild (Eller-N., 2015)     DBL     UFo
WYSIWYG (Elliott-S., 2012)     DBL     UFo
Wyvern (Elliott-S., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Yellacopter (Wilson-B., 2010)     SPIDER     UFo
Yellow Typhoon (Gossard, 2007)     SPIDER     UFo
Zero Sum Game (Elliott-S., 2013)     DBL     UFo
Zzyzx (Elliott-S., 2012)     DBL     UFo

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