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The Christine Erin Stamile Youth Award Winners

The Christine Erin Stamile Youth Award was initiated in 1996 by Grace and Patrick Stamile to honor the memory of their daughter Christine. Applicants must be current youth members and must have held AHS membership for at least two consecutive calendar years prior to receiving the award. The winner is awarded a life membership in the AHS.

2015 Not awarded  
2014 Matthew George, Florida Region 12
2013 Kyle Kunze, Walnut Creek, California Region 7
2012 Amanda Hotaling, Delaware Region 3
2011 Stephen Smith, Kentucky Region 10
2010 Nicholas Kyle Walker, Louisianna Region 13
2009 Jessica Ball, Georgia Region 5
2008 Cameron Stern, New Hampshire Region 4
2007 Emilee Ruth Moore, Tennessee Region 10
2006 Elliott Turkiew, New York Region 4
2005 McKenzie Williams, Indiana Region 2
2004 Kalen Begnaud, Louisiana Region 14
2004 Patrick Collins, Georgia Region 5
2003 Nolanne Chang, New Mexico Region 6
2002 Tiffany Swann, Georgia Region 5
2001 Chris Arsenault, Florida Region 12
2000 Beth Dungan, Texas Region 6
1999 Molly Robertson, Tennessee Region 10
1998 Ben Ward, Georgia Region 5
1997 Brieana Rowles, Pennsylvania Region 3

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