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Multi-bloom side image
AHS Multi-Bloom Image Award

Established in 2010 and first awarded in 2011, this award is for images of two blooms (minimum) up to an entire clump. Flower color and form must be true to cultivar.

2017 Winner: Janice Kennedy for her image of 'Axl Rose'

2016 Winner: Susan Okrasinski • Region 10 • 'Neon Flamingo' (Gossard, 2006)

Multi-Bloom Award2015 AHS Multi-Bloom Image Award Winner:
Claude Carpenter, Region 5, image of H. 'Hat's Off to Sue'

Multi-Bloom Award2014 AHS Multi-Bloom Image Award Winner:
Charlie Harper, Region 2, image of H. 'Jerry Nettles'

2017 Janice Kennedy  - for her image of 'Axl Rose' 3
2016 Susan Okrasinski - Cultivar 'Neon Flamingo' 10
2015 Claude Carpenter - Cultivar 'Hat's Off to Sue' 5
2014 Charlie Harper - Cultivar 'Jerry Nettles' 2
2013 Susan Okrasinski - Cultivar 'Sky Over Schuyler' 10
2012 Claude Carpenter - for an image of 'Long Tall Sally' 5
2011 Debra Zimmerman, for an image of 'Ruby Lipstick' 10


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